Great work by 15 PAX on a chilly morning, surviving a cardio-intensive workout that got in a little bit of everything (except the Mary).
The Thang:
Warmup: SSH (40x), Imperial Walkers (10x), Mount Climbers (25x), Good Mornings (10x).
Head to the curb: Quick Feet (20x), Calf Extensions (20x) — 2x.
Run halfway around lake, Lunge Walk bridge, stop at Gazebo.
Group 1 Pullups (max reps); Group 2 Low Plank Hold — flapjack. Squats (20x).
Group 1 Pullups (5x); Group 2 Low Plank Hold — flapjack. Squats (20x) — 2x
Run (the long, non-direct way) to picnic area.
Decline Merkins (15x), Jump Ups (10x), Dips (15x), Left, Right Step Ups (20x) — 2x.
Run to rail.
Little Baby Austrialian Pullups (15x); Single-Leg Deadlifts (15x, right and left) — 2x.
Run to rocks by tennis courts and grab a rock.
Forward Raise (10x); Shoulder Press (10x); Single-Leg Deadlifts (10x, right and left) — 2x.
Group 1 Long Suicides across all three tennis courts; Group 2 Standard Merkins. Flapjack. Recover on the People’s Chair.
Run to baseball field with some Lunges along the way.
Run to first; shuffle to second; run backwards to third; shuffle home (2x), and then recover on the Chair — 2x.
Run back to park entrance the long, non-direct way (“you’re going the wrong way!”) with some lunges along the way, followed by a .02 mile run (apparently distinguishable and demanding) to the grass for an exact 8 AM finish and COT. No time for Mary.
2nd F at World of Beer on November 14 at 7:30 PM.
T-Claps to Maize, Dieter, and Utah for participating in the Spartan Beast yesterday