5 Pax rolled out into the gloom this morning. Unannounced the Q (myself) rolls in with a trunk full of cements. The mumble chatter begins.

The Thang

Warm up

Lap around parking lot

Good Mornings X 15, Mountain Climbers X 25, Merkin X 16 (1 Extra)


The Pax Lines up on the Cinder Block after a brief into to the workout the pain begins

Round 1 – First Set was 50 – Squat Thrusts, Block Swings, Overhead Tricep extensions, Bicep Curls, and last but not least wood Choppers.

25 – Prisoner Squats


Round 2 – Rotate repeat 1st round but only 25 thanks to Hardees

11 full lunges, 14 Top Half Lunges, Switch Repeat


Round 3 – Rotate repeat 1st X 25

25 – Curtsy Squats


Round 4 – Rotate repeat 1st round X 25

Calf Raises X 25 (interrupted by the police who rolled up with lights and sirens asking if we had heard anyone calling for help. Only Hardees Biceps)


Round 5 – Rotate repeat 1st round X 25

Indian Plank Pushup X 2 (Line up toe to head, Back person calls 5 Merkins. When done sprints to front of the line while all pax hold plank. Next person call 5 merkins, Repeato, Repeato)



Popcorn Style with vultures overhead

LBC X 25

Flutter Kicks X 25

Cross Leg Raises X 25


Windshield Wipers X 25



“What are you thankful for?”

Tardy Closed out with words of wisdom that God is the ultimate creature and designer. All things big and small he created and knows the plans for our lives.