31 Faithful PAX posted for first below freezing workout of the Fall: no fart sacking & no Chippendale for sure! With Shovel Flag planted 31 went off into the gloom to stay warm and start their week of right with YHC leading his 2ndQ- 1st at NH.

The Thang: 25 SSH, 20 Good AM, 20 Mt Climbers, 20 Windmill, then count off 1,2,1,2 line up behind ManRam(1) & TR (2) jog to entrance gate, Applesauce down Currituck & Yadkin to the bridge over Crabtree Creek. 20 Erkins, 15 Derkins with a crackly voice YHC lead the cadence with much mumble chatter and laughter; repeato, then 20 Erkins with hands on the side (a little lower) 10 Derkins. YHC cracking voice definitely lightened the PAX mood on an otherwise cool and crispy AM.

Jog to the intersection of Yadkin & Alamance, then sprint to the stop sign, quick recovery and sprint to the 2nd lighted streetlight, then jog to the greenway on to the bridge under the ITB. Grab a rock and pass to the right: 20 curls, 15 shoulder presses, 15 rows & 10 tricep extensions. Pass your rock to the right and repeato. Return your rock to meet up at base of Sisysphus.

Group 1 run up to the top and back down Sisysphus while Group 2 did Max Merkins- Wendell Gee recognized this was not Beta test and an audible was called. Flapjack. Upon return of Group 2. Two quick 10 counts, then all back to the top. Meet at the top plank for Sweeper to complete, then onto Mary in the back of front lot

MARY: 20 LBC, 15 Low flow Flutters, 15 Homer to Marge & 10 Monkey Humpers

Announcements: (1)F3 Connects this coming Wednesday only a few spots left. (2) F3 Convergence at Laurel Hills on Thanksgiving Day (3) In the alternative, F3 PAX can participate in the Ridgewood Turkey Trot 8K 8am on Thanksgiving Day with TR, YHC, & Maize- encouraged others to join F3 Raleigh Group and sign up (4) ManRam encouraged PAX members to checkout The Curcible (recruiting)

Prayers: For good friends family member passing in Ohio, my mother for speedy rehabilitation recover and loss of former colleague: Jim Lang with tragic passing

COT: YHC remarked on 6 month anniversary of F3: discussed IMPACT of ISI and talked about Tony Robbins placing the EH on yours truly. Also discussed GDP: God Delivers People & the importance to be leaders in our community, family, friends, etc…

A quick Cobain for the crackly voice, thanks for all who posted, it was a pleasure- now get out there and do it , too