17 Pax showed up in the glorious morning gloom to participate in an unexpected celebration of the life of news anchor Larry Stogner (Oct 25, 1946 to Oct 3, 2016). http://abc11.com/news/larry-stogner-veteran-abc11-anchor-dies/1479868/

Larry served in the Air Force, was a Vietnam Vet, and a UNC Grad. Today (Oct 25) would have been his 70th birthday. 70’s reappeared throughout the workout in honor of his life and especially his grace, humility, and dignity in death. Larry died of a debilitating disease called ALS, and I think his greatest legacy may be the way he died. He suffered-well because he knew where he was going and was confident in what he hoped for and sure of what he could not see.

The Pax were challenged to suffer-well as they honored Larry’s 70th birthday.


SSH x 70

Arm Circles


Monkey humper (Beanball’s favorite exercise)

Burpees OYO until somebody does 70 (thank you Beano!)

The Thang:

Partner carry suicides (50yds switch return, 100yds switch and return)

70 squats

Wheel Barrow suicides (half field switching at each turn).

when finished sprint full field then 35 squats sprint back 35 squats = 70

To the wall, one partner balls to wall (70 seconds) while the other does dips (try to get 70 reps). switch and repeat

Back to field for the grand finale

20-rep merkin ladder: start with 20 merkins sprint to half field 19 merkins sprint back 18 and so on until 1. Total 210 merkins for a triple-70 salute to Stogner.


-Nov 19 “Walk in their shoes”, benefit fundraiser (http://www.opentableministry.org/) for the homeless community in Durham. Peach will email information.

Prayer requests:

Beanball and his battle with Parkinson’s

Thank you men.  Grateful for the opportunity!