Ok, well not the same Stella, but I couldn’t resist the title.  Among the 20, The Forge welcomed two FNGs recently back from Belgium.  Other than Van Damme (which wasn’t even up for discussion) or perhaps Waffles, couldn’t think of better names for the father / son pair than Stella and Artois (plus I like the beer!).  The Q combo would feature an “older” Carolina guy and a young dook (sorry, my computer doesn’t allow me to spell it any other way) guy, but they would agree on one thing… there would be a lot of running.

Warm-up led by Epoxy:  short jog around parking lot and back to main entrance area in parking lot for: SSH x 20, Good mornings x 12, Mtn Climbers x 15, std merkins x 15.

The Thang led first by Epoxy:  Had a general idea of what I was planning but this was somewhat of a Countrywide approach as the specifics would hit me as we went.  Counts may be off by a few but close.  All descend to the bottom of the parking lot.  Sprint to the top then prisoner squats x 15.  Sprint to bottom for std merkins x 12.  Sprint to top for alternating lunges x 15. Sprint to bottom for merkins x 15. Spring to top for low slow flutter x 20. Sprint to bottom for quick feet x 20. Sprint to top for reverse lunges x 15. Sprint to bottom for decline curb merkins x 15.  Sprint to top for crunchy frog x 15.  There may have been another up and back but can’t recall.

Once to bottom of parking lot, hand off Q to Hooch for jog through the park to tennis courts.  Once at courts, partner up for “suicidal Mary”.  Partner 1 suicide while P2 does LBC.  Flap jack.  Might have been one more normal suicide set.  P1 bear crawl to center line of middle court of 3 and back, run full length of 3 courts and back while P2 WW2 sit-ups.  Flap jack.  P1 gorilla walk suicide consistent with bear crawl approach above while P2 freddie mercury I believe.  Flap jack.  Sufficiently winded, jog back down to lower park near lake.

Partner wheelbarrows across bridges 1 and 2, switching near goose poop island.  Once across 2nd bridge, Bobby Petrino 1/2 of the way back and switch partners for the rest of the way to the long ramp near pavilion.  Jog to large grassy field.

Mary: Chilcutt and several others….sorry, don’t remember, getting old!

COT: Komen run 6/14.  Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family battling cancer.  Prayers for a couple others that my mind forgets but our heart remember.  Thanks to Screech for telling the backpack blower guy to give it a rest for a few minutes while we close out. Closing prayer.