YHC arrived, planted the VSF in the front yard, and entered Dufresne’s home.  MDufresne was wrapping up homework detail with Pack Man, which gave YHC a chance to catch up.  YHC last posted last Tuesday and T-claps are in order for Orwell, Countrywide, and Friar Tuck for posting last Thursday and Cinderella for posting last Friday.  In MDufresne’s last Caringbridge post, she referenced how Dufresne’s mother had gone back to Alabama and MDufresne and their 2.0s were trying to spend as much time as possible with Dufresne.  YHC wanted to make sure #Hopebuilder wasn’t taking time away from the family.  They after all have first dibs.  MDufresne assured YHC #Hopebuilder is a good thing and to please keep coming.

YHC headed upstairs and found Dufresne more alert than he was a week ago.  We talked for a bit, and YHC shared about Crotch Rocket’s pending visit to talk about the future of F3, the upcoming Memorial Day Murph, how many men are coming out to workouts as the weather warms up, upcoming CSAUP events, and that a workout doesn’t go by without a prayer for Dufresne during COT.  Tears welled up in Dufresne’s eyes and it was one of those moments where words were not needed.  This is after all Hopebuilder.  Our presence says a lot.

Speaking of presence, looking forward to having Chong Li amongst (that is a word) us this Friday for #Hopebuilder.  If you are headed out of town for Memorial Day weekend, join us Thursday.

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