6 PAX braved the cold to experience some of Stefan’s pent up exam frustration.

The Thang

jog to church lot:

SSH x30

Imperial walker x30

Bodyweight squats x20

SSH x25

Imperial walker x25

Bodyweight squats x15

jog to grassy knoll:

bent jacob’s ladder

merkins (5, 10, 15, 20) at the top, shoulder annihilators (20, 15, 10, 5) at bottom

jog to OEC parking lot:


run from bottom left corner of parking lot to top left corner, 10 burpees

run from top left corner to bottom right corner, 10 standing jumps

run from bottom right corner to top right corner, 10 carolina dry docks

run from top right corner to bottom left corner, 10 bodyweight squats

repeat the X three times, for a total of 4 Xs

Usain Bolts up the OEC parking lot:

Everyone goes twice.

First cycle, everyone planks (elbows and toes) while they are not running

Second cycle: everyone planks with back facing the ground (elbows and toes) while they are not running

6 MoM:

LBC x20

Leg lifts OYO x10

Side crunch right x10

Side crunch left x10

rosalita x10

Dolly x10


exam frustrationexam frustrationGood luck to those members of the PAX who still have exams left this week (even if a few of them UA’d this morning)

Come on out to Bastille Friday morning for Probe’s first Q. Should be a great time. Remember the new start time for Bastille is 5:45.