4 for a pre-run, and 21 for the steamy main event. Munson showed up with his shorts inside out, Fungo was wearing a headband, and their were no invisible shirts for the main event. Au Pair would have been tickled.

I had a mixed bag of outdoor exercises planned, so we went straight to work. Stayed local tho, yo.


Mosey down to left field of the softball field.

SSH x 20
Burpees x 5
GM x 15
Burpees x 5
Mountain Climbs x 15
Burpees x 5
Merkins x 15
Burpees x 5

Line up along the fence that faces hamburger hill.

Thang 1:
Start with 2 jump knee ups at the fence, run to the top of hamburger hill. 2 hand release merkins. Back down to the fence. 4 jump knee ups, then to top of the hill, 4 hand release merkins. We did this for close to 12ish minutes, always adding 2 reps after each trip. I believe the most we got to was 18. Johnny Bootcamp may have made it to 20.

Mosey down to the basketball court.

Find a partner similar in speed.

Thang 2:
Partner 1 runs up to the intersection of Washington/Washington, 5 jump squats, and runs back down.
Partner 2 does the following while P1 runs- burpees x 5, plank jacks x 10, WW2s until partner arrives. Flapjack until time is called.

We did this for 15 minutes.

With about 10 minutes left on the clock…Mosey up the tennis courts
Thang 3:
With the same partner, line up along the sideline
P1 does 3 down(to the fence) and backs.
P2 does chilcutt hold for 1st down and back, switches to high plank hold for 2nd trip, and then back to chilcutt for the last trip
We did this for about 8 minutes


-25 LBCs


-Couple announcements, but pardon me for not remembering them except for one of them. Triple Foundation meeting tomorrow night at the Blind Barber. Starts at 8pm

-No prayer requests from what I can recall

-Thank you Leandro for taking us out

-Excellent crowd this morning. Always some solid mumble chatter from this group, although it seemed to decrease once we started the first circuit. Thankful for this group and the joy you guys bring to me. Already looking forward to Qing out here again and regularly posting at this AO once BRR season is over. Also, Red Card is close to returning. Maybe he is reading this. Maybe not. I don’t know.