Co-Q as Crablegs joined YHC and took the W/U and MARY/COT.

Started with Crablegs leading us in a jog around the field then circled up for some warm up exercise and stretch.  He knew we were hitting upper body so he worked in some good arm and chest stretch for us.

For the main event we focused on upper body, concentrated on form as we did a lot of sets and some burnout work, as follows:

To the field we set up for an OYO merkin challenge set the to the 3:20 tune of “Whatever it Takes” by Imagine Dragons.  This is a current favorite of my 2.0s and they use it to get psyched up when they are hitting the pool.  The idea was for each of us to simply do as many quality form merkins as possible during the song.  I set a target of 90 for everyone.  This was all about personal accountability.

Recovered on the 20 count

Dropped on the spot for a set of Jack Webbs.  Started with a 1 (merkins) to 3 (air press) ratio and built up to 11:33.  We did these at a slower pace to focus on form – quality over quantity.

Recovered on the walk to the playground

Set up on the short wall  for tempo dips and shoulder taps.  Started with ICx10 on each and worked up to ICx15 and ICx20.


Stepped over to the lot and lined up for a round of Build a Bears but with a side shuffle along the curb line and Crawl Bear back to end.  Each completed 6 parking spaces.

Over to the building for a brutal set of BTTW/Nipplers.  BTTW ICx10, then down for Nipplers ICx10.  Repeat to 15, repeat to 20.  Ouch.

Crablegs led us for MARY.

Countoff was 19 #HIM


Announcements – CSAUP Ruck Sat, Lab Rat on Disney Q next week and Banana Seat stepped up to take the week after.

Prayer Requests – Deadbolt for his family

Crablegs took us out in prayer

EC for 187, Mookie and Nemo