A dozen PAX rose to fact the Gloom one last time in 2012… and were greeted by sub-freezing temperatures.  Great way to begin a day that, for many, may well end with its share of shennanigans.

The Thang


Run ½ miles

SSH x 30

Imp Walker x 20

Mtn Climber x 20

Forward Arm Circles x 10

Backward Arm Circles x 10

Chong-Li Special:

Incline Merkins

Decline Merkins


3 Sets – 7 ea.; 14 ea; 21 each

Rock Run

60 yard dash carrying rock x 10; high plank recovery

Circle of Pain – walking lunges around Tree Island

Hill Run

Chilcut Plank Count Off (up to 10)

Six Minutes of Mary


Russian Hammer


WWII sit-up

Six-inch leg hold (count off up to 7)