Three invaded the gloom in the heart of the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.  Not a one of us was named Cletus or Jim Bob, and no mention of Nascar seemed to suggest we would fit in.  Kupec wearing the Yankees toboggan had the perfect disguise to fit in among the northerners who dwell here.  Trying to be sensitive to CK’s injured knee, YHC attempted to find ways to press the PAX without undue punishment to the offending joint.

After a few moments of stretching, and with no grits in sight, we began.

The warm up:

Running in place

high knees

butt kickers

windmill x 20

squats x 12

Saunter to the spider web

Push me/pull you with the PAX doing an assortment of inverted rows and merkins  under the web

More windmills and squats 20/12 x  2


MARY the prequel

LBC X 20

Russian Hammers X 12

Rosa Dollies X 20

Dying Cockroach X 12

Freddie Mercury X 20

WWII sit ups x 12


Walking lunges around the playground


Donkey Kicks X 20

Squats X 12

Donkey Kicks  X 20

Squats X 12

Bear Crawl across the playground


MARY again?

High Slow Flutter kicks X 20

Froggys X 12

6” Leg hold X 20 circle count

V – ups x 12

Oblique Crunches X 20

Cannon Balls X 12


Fun with CK’s Christmas Toys – 2 rings and 2 bands

1. Static suspension on rings, while other two do alternating rows with bands

2. Ring Dips, while others do simultaneous rows with bands

3. Ring merkins, while others do alternating punches with bands

4. Inverted decline ring rows, while others play chariot races for 20 yrds.



Naked Moleskin:

T-Claps to CK for bringing his toys and giving us some new exercises to do.  Cotters to Kupec, great to have you back brother.  The cold was biting at times, but we still found enough heat to sweat a little.  YHC thought we should wave farewell to 2012 with a series of repetitions for 20 and then 12 (see above), which prompted the comment, “I’m glad it’s not 1999.”  Warmed the heart to hear it.