There was a bit of a Twitter bomb the evening prior to YHC’s return as Q following a long absence leading a workout.  YHC checked the F3 website to confirm the start time for Late Night – 5:45 am?  Thought Late Night started at 6:00 am.  Questioned posed, state of confusion ensues.  Extra credit at 5:30 am or 5:45 am.  Does Late Night even do EC?  Thanks to Wendell Gee for confirming the workout start time is indeed 6:00 am.  Costco pilots us to AO with a solid number in attendance for EC.  Off we go…

Extra Credit at 5:45 am
Jog at fellowship pace along Oxford Road.
Alternating bear crawls / lunge walk up Overbrook Drive.
Turn the corner and bear crawl down Anderson, recover on the run.
Assemble on the Anderson Drive bridge over Crabtree Creek for quick feet
Run back up Anderson
Left on Overbrook / squat hold at the turn / lunge walk / run back to starting point

The Thang at 6:00 am
Circle up and disclaimer issued
Good mornings x 15
Mountain climbers x 15
SSH x 15
Recover on the run to the Anderson Drive bridge over Crabtree Creek
Incline merkins x 10
Decline merkins x 10
Recover on the run to the greenway
Squat hold and plank hold at various points to keep the PAX together with lunge walk / bear crawl / gorilla crawl / high knees across greenway bridges and back from Anderson Drive to Lassiter Mill Road and back.
Low slow flutter x 20
American hammer x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
Rosalita x 20

YHC shared that today was both the start of Passover and Good Friday.  YHC paraphrased a lesson from last Sunday speaking to the emotional and physical anguish Christ went through leading up to his crucifixion and concluding with his death.  Everyone closest to him abandoned him and he carried the guilt, burden, shame, and sin of everyone on the Cross.  He didn’t wait for us to “be perfect”, but demonstrated his love for us.  We received grace.  Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family, Lo Pair and his family as he prepares for the week ahead, Chili Dog in Wilmington, and others facing treatment, illness, and loss.  Deuce took us out strong.

In keeping with the theme of State of Confusion, it was noted that we were a man down during Nameorama.  Where did Village People go?  Shortly after COT and the PAX were heading out, up comes a car and out jumps Village People.  He made tracks as we arrived at Lassiter Mill Road thinking we had returned to Anderson Drive.  We were a little more than 1.5 miles from our starting point.  He either Ubered it or hitched pack thanks to the generosity of a kind stranger.  Anyone willing to pick up a sweaty, smelly F3er before 7:00am is a good soul in YHC’s book.

Great work by the PAX and thanks for the opportunity to lead. 3.5 miles logged – 3.75 if EC is included.

4/11 – F3 Mud Run
4/18 – Convergence at Chavis Park 7:00 am followed by Flag Football benefitting Neighbor 2 Neighbor at 9:30 am. NO PULLEN, CATALYST, or WHIPLASH.
4/21 – Informational meeting for 10/17/15 F3 Triangle GORUCK Custom Challenge at Player’s Retreat from 7:00 – 9:00 pm
4/25 – F3 Dads at Fletcher 9:15 am meet up, 9:30 am workout.  Boys and girls are welcome.
9/19 – Spartan Sprint at Fort Bragg
10/17 – F3 Triangle GORUCK Custom Challenge