VSF planted for the PAX of 34 in a comfortable gloom that quickly became uncomfortable. YHC drew some inspiration from The Shark Tank with a component of the set. Once again a great crew came out to post for a site that’s becoming #problematic ….. again.

The Thang:

EC: Run to small field behind the mall, Good Mornings x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Spiderman Merkins x 15

Run to based of Hingis Kahn, Quick Feet x 20, LBD(ips) x 20, Derkins x20, Irkins x 20

Run up the hill, Wide Arms x 15, Merkins x 15…..run back down

LBD x 15, Derkins x 15, Irkins x 15….run back up the hill, 10 Burpees OYO…..run back down

Meet up with the rest of the PAX (about 1 min late) and run to top of the deck

SSH x 20, Flutters x 20, Merkins x 20 + something else

“Scissors” Partner Up!

Partner 1 runs to bottom of stairwell, 1 burpee and run backs up. Partner 2 runs to end of the deck, 5 Hand Release Merkins and runs back to meet Partner 1. Both complete 10 Handshake Merkins as a team, then rotate. This continued for 15+ minutes straight

Sprint the full length of the parking deck

Set of 11s with Knee Ups and Burpees

Run to long ramp in the parking deck (anyone who’s been there knows which one)

“Super Beast” (5 cones, for 3 stops and the endlines….up the ramp)

Exercises were LBCs, Merkins,Star Jumps, L&R Stagger Merkins, Dying Cockroach….squat jumps till PAX was all in

Double Applesauce (2 line Indian Run) back to base…about a minute later than normal.

COT with strong prayer by Mayhem

Naked Moleskin:

-BRR information night Tuesday, April 7th 7:30pm at Yardhouse in North Hills. We’re looking to fill out an additional team. Come learn what the event is like and hear from past participants.

-Aprill 11th : NO WHIPLASH.

-April 18th : NO WHIPLASH, PULLEN PARK OR CATALYST…..convergence will be at 7am @ Chavis Park to show our presence. Sign up to play Flag Football, see information to the right under announcements.

-T-claps to Chippendale & Pepe. They’ve only been posting a couple of weeks but are quickly becoming regulars. Before long we’ll be seeing them Q a workout, site Qs give them a nudge. #leadersleadingleaders

-Good luck to those in their final week of Mud Run training, prayers for a safe experience and good results of course. It’s awesome seeing the numbers out there throughout the week, appears Friday migth be a place that could use a new workout…..who will make it happen?