The official Zero Hour shovel flag was planted and a dozen Pax set off into the gloom.  37 degrees and wet – perfect F3 weather for a Monday morning.

The Thang:

Warm up run around the parking lot

SSH X 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

Squats x 20

Merkins x 20

To tennis courts – pair up (alternating)

Partner one

Fou Line Suicides

Partner two

Balls to the wall (1st)

People’s chair (2d)

Prisoner squats (3d)

People’s chair (4th)

Balls to the wall (5th)

To the baseball field steps

Box jumps up the steps (Lebrons, I believe)

Incline Merkins at the top x 20

Down the steps

Lebrons up

Decline Merkins x 15

Down the steps

Alternating left/right step ups x 20

Mosey back around the park to the grass behind the administration building for Plank-o-rama

High plank hold x 40 count

Chilcutt x 20 count

Putin x 15

Sarkozy x 15

High plank with one arm out (alternating) x 15

Turn it over to My Boy Blue for:

Mosey to the shelter

Pistol squats x 15 each leg

Decline merkins x 15

LBCs x 25

American/Russian Hammers x 25

Spiderman merkins x 20

LBCs x 20

American/Russian Hammers x 20

I’m probably missing at least one here….


F3 Raleigh Christmas party next Thursday evening at Tyler’s Taproom.  RSVP if you haven’t.  About 90 have given the HC so far.  Be there.

Congrats to Myrtle on the impending 2.0.  His M. is due in June.  The F3 Raleigh baby boom is underway.  Who is next?

If you want to lead at ZH, let TARP know.

Prayers for Slash’s friend having surgery related to cancer this week.  Prayers, as ever, for Dufresne.  Sign up for Hopebuilder here:

Strong work by a dedicated group this morning.  Aye!