VSF was planted on a cold and rainy morning at Fetzer for a ring-around-the-rosie themed beatdown. ¬†Carlton and Adolphus delivered, despite the conditions. Couldn’t see 20 yards in front of your face at the beginning, but that never kept them from going full-steam ahead.

The Thang

Lap around the track

SSH x 30

Imperial Walker x 30

Mountain climber x 30

Up to Hooker Fields


LBC x 30

Freddie Mercury x 15

Russian Hammer x 15

Freddie Mercury x 10

Russian Hammer x 10

Freddie Mercury x 5

Russian Hammer x 5

Flutter x 10

Dolly x 10

Rosalita x 15

Dolly x 5

Flutter x 5

Ring around the rosie:

Center circle on the field- 10 reps at point A, 10 reps at point B, sprint half the circumference (geometry!)  between, run entire length twice in each round.

Round 1- point A: Merkin point B: WWII situps

Round 2- point A: Burpees point B: Peter Parkers

Round 3- point A: BW Squat point B: Carolina dry docks

Usain Bolts on the width of the field: everyone gets two

Dry Docks

Perfect Merkins



Raise the Roof

Makhtar N’Diaye

Round 4- point A: Burpees point B: Burpees (burpees for days)

Back to Fetzer- lap with 3 stops for 20 LBCs per stop.


Christmas Party on the 19th- email Chong Li to RSVP. If you don’t RSVP, he won’t allow you to eat. M’s welcome at the event and it should be a great time.

Adolphus and YHC co-Q’ing Dawn Patrol on Thursday.

Probe’s first Q at Bastille this Friday. He’s going to exact some revenge…