YHC ready to start off the week right arrived to a familiar sight for Zero Hour, rain.  Thankful for the warmth of May compared to the frigid rain of February and March, YHC was ready to get started. First to the lot YHC anticipated a stronger crowd, but with 7 to follow and no fng’s, we were off.

The Thang:

Jog around park to first building on Oberlin with a little shelter; Good Mornings x 10, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 e/w, Imperial Walkers x 15, SSH x 20, 10 Burpees OYO

Back to the run, up Oberlin and cross at the apartments, head around back and get used to the sights. First layer 10 Mericans OYO at the bottom of the parking deck, jog to the top. Wait, what is that smell, is it cinnabun, I believe it is, distinctively on level 2, not 1 or 3, just on 2, and it was strong.  This made for great distraction on the ascension, we would need it. Once at the top, back in the rain, 10 Mericans OYO, find the steps and back to the bottom. Next, add a layer, 10 Mericans and 15 x Ski Abs at the bottom, through the cinnabun explosion and again at the top, back down the stairs. Next layer 20 Prisoner Squats.  Next layer 25 Quick Feet, though when we got to the topthere was not a good spot for QF, so YHC called an alternate, BTW x 25. Check watch, time to go, get off stairs one level down and do 30 LBC’s in place of last layer. Jog back down the deck, stack complete.  Head back to park stopping once at Oberlin to tighten up.

Back to the start, 10 Burpees OYO. Done!


The Skin: Running sucks and so does the rain, great work by all.  Site Q’s have no excuse that YHC knows of other than FS held them.  As always it’s a pleasure to lead!