In advance of this morning’s workout, 19 50lbs bags of gravel were strategically placed in the woods, for use by both the Lourdes of Discipline and Late Night PAX.  However after less than an hour, Raleigh’s finest were seen at the trail head, and YHC later discovered that the brush & tarp covering the bags had been removed and the top layers of all bags had been slashed. It was either the authorities checking to make sure there was not any contraband contained therein, or Myrtle checking to see if there was.  19 PAX including one FNG (Welcome OSHA) began their day by plunging into the woods for a bucket brigade of the sacks, and moseyed down the greenway to the parking lot behind the Kroger and car dealership.  Damaged bags appropriately discarded, our work began:

Warm up:

  • 20 x imperial walker
  • Partner up:
    • Sandbag twist-and-pass, reverse (OYO)
  • 2 rounds
    • Partner A: runs to second lamp post, 20 prisoner squats, return
    • Partner B: Sandbag wood choppers
    • Flapjack

The Thang:

Merkin Pyramid (and a hush passed over the PAX)

  • Run to the first lamppost, 5 merkins,
  • Run to second lamppost, 10 merkins
  • Run to the third lamppost, 15 merkins
  • Continuing to the seventh lamppost, adding 5 more merkins at each post (up to 35) only to descend the pyramid again, reducing each set of merkins by 5 at each post. (245 merkins total, 10-15 minutes)
  • Four-count flutter until all PAX done

Partner up:

  • 2 rounds – 20 x partner lat pull-down (flapjack)
  • 2 rounds – broken wheelbarrow

Redeposit the sandbags in a more secure location (check with your site Q, or any of the attendant PAX for place), and run back to the head of the Greenway for COT:


  • Warm bodies needed for Wilson launch
  • Something about The Crick (add details below)
  • Memorial Day Convergence – May 25th at Carroll Middle School. 0630 Launch. No North Hills, Eastbound & Down, Crucible, A-Team or Kickstarter workouts. Zero Hour is still on, also at 0630.
  • Honey Dieu (reverting to his French roots) sent out the call to Q Lourdes of Discipline (You now have about 13 50lb bags to play with – ask any of the above for the location)

Prayer requests for Yukon’s family, and Honey Do led us out.

With gratitude. Cut Me Mick