YHC was very honored to lead the 9 PAX in another beat down at Kenny’s Grave. We were even visited by Fluoride who we usually see at Ground N Pound. For those of you who don’t know the term ‘Jungle Juice’, it’s when a bunch of ‘beverages’ are dumped in and mixed together to make another ‘beverage’ for consumption purposes. I’ll leave it at that. Today’s work out included some animal impersonations and a nonstop mixture of various exercises that left the PAX a little light headed. Hence the name JUNGLE JUICE.



Lap around the track

SSH (x15)

Good Mornings (x15)



‘Jungle Run’

A variation of the Indian run around the parking lot except the PAX are traveling while completing a task called by the Q. The last PAX sprints to the front. The next PAX does not take off until the other is complete.

1st – bear crawl

2nd – lunge walk

3rd – crab walk

4th – frog jump


‘Wheelbarrow Relay’

Run over to the hill…

Grab a partner and wheelbarrow up the hill. At the top while still in wheelbarrow position; complete 5 merkins. Both PAX bear crawl down the hill. Switch and repeat x3


‘Cinder Tabata’

Run over and get the cinder blocks and head to the dugout area…

This is a Tabata circuit with a partner, where one partner uses the cinder block for and exercise while the other PAX completes a different exercise. Every section of Tabata you switch so on a full round of tabata a PAX will complete 4 of each exercise.

1st – Cinder Decline Merkins/Lunge Jumps

2nd – Cinder Curl/Squat Jumps

3rd – Cinder Swing/Dugout Dips



People’s Chair

Balls to the Wall

LBC x20

Freddy Mercury x20 (Pause and hold for 5 count every 5 reps)



Prayers for Peak Weeks coworker and her treatment prognoses. Also for Howard who is healing and Brony (formerly Bronie) on his work trip and vacation. Always praying to continue our growth as men and leaders and thankful for this opportunity!