There’s Chocolate On The Ball

This morning after waking up to chilly temperatures again I had this reminder that Spring is right around the corner. What says spring and summer in the US? BASEBALL. America’s past time. I thought nothing better to warm up the pax like a little baseball themed workout. Here it is:

Warm up
Run to Baseball field
SSH – 25
Good Morning – 25
Fazio Arm Circles 10 forward 10 reverse
Mountain Climbers – 25

Main Thing
Short Stop to Fence
Butt Kicks to Fence
High Knee’s to short stop
Side Shuffles to Fence
Sprint to Home Plate

Starting at Home Plate-
Each Pax is allowed 1 steal. However if you steal you have to do double exercise at next stop
Bear Crawl to First Base
5 Reverse Merkins
Gorilla Walk to Second Base
10 Squats
Frog Hop to Third Base
15 Squat Jacks
Sprint to Home Base
5 Burpees
REPEATO x3 each time adding 5 more to the count
After 3rd rep, hold plank while all the PAX finish up.

Long Jog back to tennis courts

2 minutes Max effort Situps
1 minutes Max effort Pushups
2 minute Plank (Q lied and said only 1 minute)

Healing for other hurt Pax
Tardy brother in law being deployed on Tuesday. Lets remember and pray for the troops and the ultimate sacrifice so many have given.

I just want to thank you guys for showing up on a consistent basis. F3 build a brotherhood that cannot be found at a GYM. We laugh, Cry, Struggle together. This make us better men.