Cold Mornin'

A perfect seven braved the cold and took on Dawn Patrol this AM. YHC rolls up and Shaggy and Costco were posted up in their vehicles with the heat raging and their hearts ready. Shovel flag was planted and the fun began. Let’s see what went down:

-Mosey around the parking lot to get warm. #didn’twork

-COP: SSH x20, Merkins x15, Mountain Climbers x15, GM x 15 #gettingcolder

-Fast mosey to Glen Eden Drive and run to the bottom of the hill

Four laps #constantmovement #shoeremoval (more on that later)

-Run up the hill (do ten burpees), run down the hill (do ten LBCs), and run around Morvan Way stopping at four stops (do an exercise ten times at each stop).

Exercises at the four pain stations: Jumping Lunge, Star Jump, Sumo Jump Squat, Jumping Lunge

Home Stretch

Run to the top of the hill (do ten burpees), fast mosey back to home base and then twenty knee-ups.


Naked Moleskin:

-YHC was nervous about the weather this AM. Put on an extra layer and sometimes that backfires on me. Not the case this AM as it was cold.

-About fifteen minutes into the work-out, Costco makes a pit stop to take off his shoes. Now, I know you’re a badass and all but I’d recommend shoes for most F3 work-outs. I didn’t think too much of it until he did it again on the second lap up the hill. He claimed he was readjusting his foot warmer but it could have been a brilliant Wendell G delay tactic.

-ManRam does P90X when he doesn’t go to F3. YHC drinks beer and sit on my couch on my days off. Wow, that’s impressive. I wish I had that level of discipline. #strongmind

-YHC forgot to do Name-A-Rama until Costco set him straight. #blockhead Sorry.


-Sign up for the Krispy Kreme challenge (February 14th), Tobacco Road Marathon (March 15th), and MudRun (April 12th). #trifecta


-Baby Farley and Screech. Get better!

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you,