4 brave PAX pulled themselves from the warm confines of their bed and distanced themselves from the choice of an easy fartsack. It’s always an honor to lead the men of F3! With today’s temps, you either move or become a statue. YHC arrived early to set up some friendly cones. Apparently COLD + CONES + MATH = CONFUSION for some of the PAX. After 45 minutes no one was cold and YHC has a line of frozen sweat on his hat!


Mosey around the grounds, bear crawl up the stairs, down the stairs, up and down again

Mosey a little more (swing around to meet Tardy at his car because he was TARDY!) and head to the field

SSH x25

Merkins x10

Imperial Walkers x 20


Rotation between ‘The Escalator’ and ‘The Evolution of Man’

‘The Escalator’ – 5 cones were placed about 10 yards apart to make a 50 yard course…

Suicide style regimen of sprinting to the first cone (1 merkin), sprint back (one squat jump). Then x2 at 2nd cone, x4 at 3rd cone, x8 at 4th cone, x16 at 5th cone

‘The Evolution of Man’ – Cones are placed about 7 yards apart…

Dragon Crawl to first cone and back

Chill-Cut Plank x10 (3 count)

Crab Walk to second cone and back

Chill-Cut Plank x10 (3 count)

Bear Crawl to third cone and back

Chill-Cut Plank x10 (3 count)

Sprint to fourth cone and back

Chill-Cut Plank x10 (3 count)

Plank exercises until all PAX finish

‘The Escalator’ – this time running backward and with diamond merkins/prisoner squats

‘The Evolution of Man’

‘The Escalator’ – this time with running forward to cone and running backward to start with wide merkins/lunges


1 PAX ran around all of the cones while the others did a variety of exercises (mostly abs, but a few other things thanks to Mr. Hand). Rotate through the PAX two times.

1 PAX bear crawls around the cones (10 yards each side = 40 yards) completing all 4 corners while the rest of the PAX completed various Ab shredding exercises. PAX must complete all 4 corners bear crawling…forward, lateral right, backward and lateral left.


Sign up for the Krispy Kreme Challenge if you’re up for some sweet fun! Mr. Hand took us out in prayer. We hope that our injured brothers get well soon!


All I can say is I’m proud of these men and how they pushed themselves today!