18 PAX excited for Spooky’s return to Rameses!

20 x IC SSH IC
10 x IC Imperial Walkers
10 x IC squats
10 x IC arm circles
10 x IC merkins

The Thang:

Double-jump burpees for 75 meters downhill. Turn-around, repeat up-hill.

Bear crawl for 75 meters downhill.

Form teams of three. Each team has a cinder-block that once raised in the air may not be put down. One PAX held the cinder-block overhead while the other two PAX performed 10 x merkins. One PAX was “on deck” and another was second “on deck”.

After the “on deck” completes merkins, the PAX that was “on deck” took the cinder-block. Remaining PAX rotate into “on deck” and second “on deck”.

Total exercise time was 20 minutes switching between merkins, mountain climbers, WWIIs, squats, dry-docks.

Part 2:

Ran to tennis courts. Divided into three teams for a game of Spooky Ball. Each team had to retrieve 25 tennis balls using bear crawl to fetch each tennis ball, then sprint back. (Only one ball per trip). Then 10 merkins before next fetch.

Team 1 vs Team 2, then Team 2 vs Team 3. Team not in the match held plank position through entire match.

2-3 minutes of boat-canoes
1 minute of superman
(Out of time…)