A 2014 (sans Go Ruckers) record PAX of 21 gathered to enjoy the frolicking freedom of friendly fitness & fellowship at The Forge.  After all, it was Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Shiny new faces appeared. Merlot spilling ensued.  Won’t you be my neighbor?

Indian Run (and I use the term loosely) twice around Pullen parking lot & up to the aquatic center.


Mountain climbers x 20

Good mornings x 20

Merkins x 15

Imperial Walkers x 20

Windmills x 20

Shimmy over to the roadway & partner up for 100’s.  Partners alternate sprints down the road & back to complete 100 Merkins between them.  Then partners alternate sprints down the road & back to complete 100 Prisoner Squats.

Line up along the curb for Quick Feet x 20 > Alternating Lunges x 20 > Mike Tysons (shout out to TARP) x 20

Jog around the park perimeter to the tennis courts & grab a rock from the pile:

Rock curls x 20

Rock shoulder presses x 20

Rock tricep extensions x 20

Rock bent row x 20


Jog downhill, down the steps, & across the bridge to Goose Poop Island.  Bear crawl twice around the gazebo & circle up for High & Low Plank Hold > Putin > Sarkozy.  10 Goose Poop Merkins to capture the essence.

Jog back toward the amphitheatre lawn, jump the turtle, & circle up for…


WWII sit ups x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20

Russian Hammers x 20



2nd F event @CraftyBeerShop on Thursday 5/8 – 5:30pm til ?

F3Golf event at Olde Sycamore in Charlotte is 5/29 – HC deadline is 5/15

Special out-of-town guest Q for Heavy Metal on Thursday 5/8 @ 0600: you’d best come correct

Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family & brother Dufresne

Mister Rogers challenged the PAX to face & embrace our fears, then took us out in prayer