CSAUP opportunity for golfers among us.

I’ve broached the topic with some who have run with me over the past couple of years of organizing a round of speed golf for F3 locally. After much talk, I finally put a stake in the ground and am a Hard Commit for a pilot round of 8 golfers at Zebulon Country Club at 6am on Saturday, July 14. Note the speed golf convention to ignore stroke-and-distance penalties (stroke only, no distance) in the Wikipedia link above.

The course is walking-friendly at 5714 yards, or about 3.25 miles. Add the distances between greens and the next tees and you’re still looking at something in the 4 mile range, I would guess. Walking, I regularly complete rounds there in under 3 hours, riding closer to 2. My initial goal is for something under 90 minutes for my speed-golf round, but wouldn’t be surprised if I get closer to 60 minutes.

Cheerleaders (not caddies) are welcome to run alongside players. No carts will be available.

In spite of my dull prose, I am really excited about this and look forward to connecting with like-minded people (even FNGs) from across the region (this means you, East Wake!).

Direct questions to me at bill.raleigh.miller@gmail.com or DM in Twitter, @HiLifeF3Raleigh

Sign-up link.

High Life out!