Speed Golf at Zebulon Country Club 2018 July 14

CSAUP opportunity for golfers among us.

I’ve broached the topic with some who have run with me over the past couple of years of organizing a round of speed golf for F3 locally. After much talk, I finally put a stake in the ground and am a Hard Commit for a pilot round of 8 golfers at Zebulon Country Club at 6am on Saturday, July 14. Note the speed golf convention to ignore stroke-and-distance penalties (stroke only, no distance) in the Wikipedia link above.

The course is walking-friendly at 5714 yards, or about 3.25 miles. Add the distances between greens and the next tees and you’re still looking at something in the 4 mile range, I would guess. Walking, I regularly complete rounds there in under 3 hours, riding closer to 2. My initial goal is for something under 90 minutes for my speed-golf round, but wouldn’t be surprised if I get closer to 60 minutes.

Cheerleaders (not caddies) are welcome to run alongside players. No carts will be available.

In spite of my dull prose, I am really excited about this and look forward to connecting with like-minded people (even FNGs) from across the region (this means you, East Wake!).

Direct questions to me at bill.raleigh.miller@gmail.com or DM in Twitter, @HiLifeF3Raleigh

Sign-up link.

High Life out!


QIC: High Life
Workout Date: 07/14/18

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