YHC was glad to get back out to the Lake today and looking forward to pushing the pace and getting some miles in.   PNG informed YHC that Laker had won his Marathon the previous weekend and crushed the competition! We all decided that we are going to get medals for ourselves (because doesn’t everybody deserve a medal) for pushing him during all his training runs. Labrat slipped in the last minute and we were ready to put the feet to the road.

Mosey toward the Lake group run back to main drive into the park

Partner Suicides

One partner runs while the other partner does Plankarama, Mountain Climbers, Lunges, Squats, Merkins.

Mosey around the park back to Field of Dreams for some elevens

Squats and Merkins with 50 yard run between

Indian Run back to the Flag

Dumpster Fire: 20 Freddy Mercury in cadence sprint to dumpster and back, 20 Flutter kicks in cadence sprint to dumpster and back, 20 American Hammer in cadence spring to dumpster and back.

Total of 3.7 miles by each of the PAX and great speed and core work today as well.

BOM: Prayer for Labrat and changes with work, PNG: work decisions coming up, Stretch: continued prayers for M’s family.  Blood Sport and his recovery, Crab Legs.

Continue to reach out to guys in your area. Met a guy named Chase looked less than thrilled working at one of the local dumps. Started talking to him while I was tossing my trash about golf, JOCO, and F3 and he seemed very interested.  Heck he may have been happy that someone talked to him about something other than “Gosh its hot out here”.  His name was Chase and I’m hoping to see him out at the JOCO workouts soon! #Giveitaway