Southern Rock!

9 Pax were in for some great Rock work in the gloom this morning. We did 0 standard merkins and ran a grand total of about 375 yards, yet I needed a paper coffee cup this morning because the trusty “World’s Greatest Dad” mug was just to heavy.

The warm up:
Jog approximately 180 yards, circle up for some SSH, good mornings in badly paced cadence, hillbillies in even worse paced cadence, mtn climbers, plank jacks, sir farzio arm circles and circles arm farzio sirs.
The thang:
Partner up, get a big ego ROCK.
Split with your partner the following for a total of 150 of each with your partner:
Rock V-ups/Urkins on the concrete balls
Rock Rows/LBC’s
Rock Press/Box Cutters
Tricep Ext/WWII’s(modified for 75 WWII’s).

And then: YHC had planned on some pull ups and merkins as we were getting some daylight in the playground, the PAX grumbled about they couldn’t do a pull up after all that work. So..
Repeato, doing 50 of each of all of the above again.. Modifying to cut short the last exercise to get to COT on time.

The Mule this Saturday 0600 at Pullen Park
Some guys are going to likely get coffee somewhere after
Phoenix is Cancelled – go to the MULE
A workout launch at Koka Booth is in the pre-planning stages see Denail, Pet Sounds or Franklin for more information.
Chanticleer’s V-Q is next Tuesday 3/7 at FWD
Beaner’s wife for healing

– YHC is planning on some running at Vesper and EC tomorrow, so I wanted to save my legs, and well I was q-ing so we will do whatever I want to do!
– Cadence counting for good mornings is tough, need some more practice
– The twitter war with them Iowa corn field baseball players over at FOD is quite entertaining. I am pretty sure the official twitter record will reveal that they fired the first shots!
– How about Smokey, I think he gets the greatest improvement award by far! He was looking quite trim this morning in Shorts and some non-cotton F3 shirt.
– A pax of 9 is much much easier to lead than a pax of 34!

Workout Date:
The PAX:


  1. Callahan

    Well done today! You are basically a pro at this point. Highly appropriate that we had “9” today. Seemed right.

    Oh, and don’t worry about FOD twitter. They’re just bored. Team DZ figured out the hard way that you’re pretty much just dealing with a Twitterbot.

    Cheers! And I hope y’all don’t get that stomach bug…

  2. Old Maid

    I gotta give props to my pardner Fluoride, who worked circles around me today. Dude, that was sick. He kept coming over to me like “I did all the reps, plus half of yours”. Beast!

    And agree 100% on Smokey. Nice work sir.

    Hermes, I’ll take the blame for the pullups. I can’t do one on a normal day…can you expect me to try one after that beat down?

  3. Shut-In

    Looks like we thought similar, Hermes. Running is for Wednesdays lets build some muscles…

    Unless you’re a part of “””Beige Ops”””

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