The pax of SouthWake have made Ground N’ Pound a usual stop and invited YHC to explore the AO with them this am by taking a Q. YHC obliged and along with 5 other faithful, set out on a tour of Wake Christian campus.

The Thang…

Mosey to far side of school for warm up
SSH x 25
Good Morning x 20
Std Merkins 8 count
1 legged Merkins 4 count each leg

Mosey to large parking lot

Modified Beast w/ 4 stops, 10 exercises at each stop
Exercises were…
-Standard Merkin
-Hand Release Merkin
-Jump Squat

Mosey to football field steps
Partner up / 1 set of partners wheelbarrow up stairs then tags out with one of the other two waiting.
2 sets of partners in waiting doe AMRAP of called exercise until wheelbarrow completed
Continue until each pax has wheelbarrowed twice

Mosey to the tables at the playground
11’s w/ Dips & Derkins

Head down to the street alongside for CWA for 2 sets of down and back wind sprints

25 LBC’s
25 Flutter Kicks



Prayers for Pergo’s family members and Pergo in his last few days of freedom.

Thanks for the invitation to Q this morning, Great site and great group