This is Raleigh, new apartment complexes are springing up like weeds all over the city. The other day, YHC had noticed a one fairly close to our Flood Zone AO that sported a brand new 7 story parking deck, waiting to be conquered. Sadly, the the complex owners had taken precautions against grass roots, peer led mens workout groups who like to run parking decks, and installed a gate, blocking anyone but residents. Audible.

The Thang..

Early 15
Run to Rock pile grab rock
mosey up to Blue ridge, 10 count staggered merkins each hand
Mosey to MacD’s lot, 8 count staggered Derkins each hand
Dump rocks and return to pick up the late crew

Regular 45

Made our way up to the new complex and after a quick circle around the building, a brief tussle with the 1 man army security team, we accepted that there was no chance of entry. Athletes make adjustments.

Down to our other trusted apartment complex that Bob Villa had kindly built with his bare hands and found our favorite 1/4 mile hill.

Sprint up 5 burpees, across the lawn, 5 burpees, down the grass retaining wall. Sprint back up 10 burpees, back to entrance hill, 10 burpees, back to start. Mary till the six collect

Grab a partner
P1 sprints the hill
P2 does 5 burpees then sprints after
50 hand release merkins at the top to be completed by each pair

Repeato 4x

Mary till the 6 collect

One last hill sprint, then head back down the greenway to the cars

35 Merican Hammers till we gathered the 6.


-Strong, fast group this morning. Appreciate the quick adaptation once we were turned back from the parking deck.
-My Boy Blue and High life were a fast pair on the hill. 90 years of running experience b/w them.
-Quick map my run showed 4+ miles for the EC crowd and 3.5+ for all others. Strong work
-Happy BDay to Overdraft,

Mud Run still open for late registration.
The Arena today at 2:30, run from pullen at 2:15.
Time to commit to the BRR if you’re considering, this is YHC’s favorite #CSAUP. There are teams to join, or you can form your own. Just do it.

Prayer by T&G

Always an honor to lead