SITE: Bond Park – “Shakin’ not Stirred”; 120 Maury Odell Pl, Cary, NC 27513; Wed 5:45 bootcamp.

It’s MASTERS WEEK. We should all be wearing our golf shoes like Burt.


Indian run towards boat dock with warmup at the Kiosk

  • Mtn Climber 30ct – Burts ceaseless mumble chatter had Q laughing and count was added by 5
  • Good Morning 25ct
  • Windmill 25ct
  • Mosey to boat ramp


11’s starting at the bottom end of boat ramp; run top end of parking lot. If you lap any runner, add a lap. Finish as a PAX

  • Jump Tucks at the top – start with 1
  • 8 pt man makers at bottom. Q had to demonstrate and remind PAX that he does not lead with Burpees
  • Plank when done. Grease Monkey lead with some Sarcozy and Putins.

Jog over to deck, 2 men to a seat.

  • Low Dirkins 20ct
  • Low Irkins 20ct
  • High Dirkins 20ct
  • Elevated Homer to Marge with leg on seat, alternating with L/R leg 20ct each. Several Tclaps on H2M modification.
  • High Irkins 20ct

Head to picnic table by boat ramp. Men gather around two picnic tables.

  • Chest press – 15 ct
  • Curls – 15 ct
  • This was near fiasco. PAX of 18 was a little large for two tables and we should line up by height. Short statured YHC had to grab a leg, while the PAX had the bench. Have no idea if Burt even participated. Lots of mumble chatter here. YHC will take it in stride

Mosey to Kiosk for low squat hold. CK has this down. Must be the practice from his trips to China using the latrines.

PAX split into two platoons. P1 sprint to top of hill and back while P2 more low squat hold. Flapjack

Remain at Kiosk for 6MOM.

  • Crotch sweats 30ct OYO – there continues to be lots of mumble chatter on this one.
  • LBC 30 ct
  • Freddy Mercury 20ct [thanks to Bartman]
  • Slutter 15ct [thanks to Largemouth

Return to Senior center


  • 4/11 – F3 Mud Run NO WHIPLASH (OTHERS TBD).
  • 4/16 – Largemouth has his maiden Q at the Danger Zone next Friday. He is looking for his new DZ wife beater courtesy of Burt.
  • 4/18 – Convergence at Chavis Park 7:00 am followed by Flag Football benefiting Neighbor 2 Neighbor at 9:30 am. NO PULLEN, CATALYST, or WHIPLASH.
  • 4/21 – Informational meeting at Player’s Retreat from 7:00 – 9:00 pm for Oct 17 F3 Triangle GORUCK Custom Challenge
  • 4/25 – F3 Dads at Fletcher 9:15 am meet up, 9:30 am workout.  Boys and girls are welcome.

PRAYER CONCERNS: Burts mother in law with broken hip, Footlong is expecting in two weeks, there were a couple of others – shout out

NAME A RAMA: 18 PAX showed on this gloomy and balmy am. Welcome back FOOTLONG from first post WAGO at SNS and LOOM first post at BO WAGO last Thurs.

YHC was gassed and audibled Grease Monkey to take us out in prayer.

Today pushed many of the PAX to complete exhaustion including YHC, the Q. This Q does not offer rest, but many of the PAX took it on themselves to gather themselves so they could push the final distance. It is great to see so many of these new PAX fully engaged. Tclaps to CK for remembering what this is about and picking up the back of the PAX and help them realize it is not just about us, but also about them. On another note, YHC needs to work on leadership skills under the burden of exhaustion. Lots of mumble chatter wanting #F3Recover called after exercise [Wonk, Grease, Burt, Franklin, Ma Bell]. Thanks for the opportunity to lead, guide, serve, and receive some good natured banter.

” There is a different kind of strength possessed by the men of F3.  Tomorrow is an opportunity to work the small muscles of your character so that, when the real trials come, when tempted to take the easy path, you’re ready and able to overcome.  Come #GetBetter.”  



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