27 PAX went ‘splorin the limits of the Outdoor Ed Center this morning with two 40 lb sandbags after 7 confirmed the route on an 0500 extra credit ruck.  The place is 70 acres…who knew?  We’ll see more of it this year.

Warm Up:  SSH (a lot, until Prancing Horse got there and then 20 more), WMHs, IWs, GMs, Merkins, Staggered Merkins


Run to Church Field, slow lunge walk to parking lot

Run to base of hill behind ropes course (new territory).  Sprint up hill to top of ridge.  At top of ridge, Usain Bolt with two PAX running down other side of ridge, up hill to fence and back with sandbags.  PAX performs exercise as determined by runners:  Merkins, burpees, squats, jump lunges, LBCs, CDDs, WWIIs, Peter Parkers, MCs, 10-10-10 merkins-squats-burpees, bows to toes to finish it out.  Bushwood on the sandbag run:  “That’s miserable”.  T-claps to Timber for doing it twice so Pedialyte didn’t go alone.

Run back to familiar territory at base of Big Hill, sprint to top.

Mary:  Box Cutters, Heels to Heaven, Dollys, WWIIs


T-Claps to Lo Pair who will back out with us soon!