Those who know me best are not surprised that YHC enjoys trivia, history and in general random facts.  Even more so, I love to share this knowledge with my friends and, well, anyone who is cursed to be with me at the time.  That said, today’s workout was inspired by a bit of “This Day in History”.   Primarily two key historical events that were integrated into the festivities.

  1. June 10, 1776 – The Continental Congress formed the committee that was tasked with writing the Declaration of Independence
  2. June 10, 1909 – The SS Slavonia (passenger/merchant ship) was wrecked in the Azores and became the first vessel to issue the international distress signal “S. O. S.” for “Save Our Ship”.

The letter “S” is the 19th letter of the alphabet and the letter “O” is the 15th letter… such is the inspiration.  By the end of Cletus, SOS might as well have meant “Save Our Shoulders”.

One other thing – I wanted to take this opportunity to change things up a bit. Based on past record-setting PAX attendance levels its obvious that Cletus is a very popular workout, but there’s so much to experience in Holly Springs outside of the great park at Womble.  So, YHC took the PAX on a bit of a Tour de Holly Springs as part of our historically inspired workout.


Run from the upper parking lot up the road to the Rec Center parking lot & circled up. Lots to do this morning, so we do a quick warmup of:
19x SSH
15x Good Mornings
19x IW

(See the 19-15-19 pattern? S. O. S. get it? clever, i know.)


YHC then led the PAX on a run to the downtown area of Holly Springs.  Never leaving a man behind, we circled back on the half-mile run to pickup the 6 and eventually made it to the flag pole at town hall.  Plank until everyone arrives.

Darby got a “Freedom Boner” when we recognized the formation of the Declaration of Independence writing committee with the PAX joining in recital of the Pledge of Allegiance at the town flag pole. USA! USA! USA!

Jog down to the public parking lot between town hall and the library.

PAX grabbed a spot on the curb for some Curbkins. (those are merkins on a curb, btw)

19x RH/RFoot up (parallel to the curb)
15x Irkins on the curb (both hands on curb, perpendicular)
19x LH/LF up (parallel to curb)

Time to partner up, no requirements on speed/size. PAX tasked with a relay event from parking lot to the roundabout in front of the library.    One Partner runs while the other does the exercise.  Each partner group completes the following…

190x LBC
150x Declaration of Independence Hammers
190x British Prisoner of War Squats

Next up…. PAX line up on the wet, uncut grassy median of the parking lot and do the Tunnel of Love.   Each man crawled under the planking PAX to the end then took his position at the end of the Tunnel. After the last man was through we held the plank for an extra 53 seconds. Why 53?

Besides being the UDP Port number for DNS traffic (shout out to my IT brothers)…

S 19 + O 15 + S 19 = 53 seconds

After the tunnel, we head over to the grass field next to the parking lot for a round of Gitmo. Then head back to Womble for the culmination of our tour.


Mike Tyson. Vegas. The Hangover. Drum Solo.

Who doesn’t love Phil Collins and the epic smash hit “In the Air Tonight?”  Here’s some little known facts about it:

  • On its release in 1981, it peaked at #4 on the Zimbabwe pop music charts.
  • It was used in the train sequence of the 1983 film Risky Business  (shout out to Rebecca De Mornay in her prime.)
  • The remastered version from 2015 is 5 minutes and 36 seconds long… perfect length for a plank party.

Circled up for “In the Plank Tonight”  as we rotated through regulAR, right arm up, left arm up and chill-cut variations for the duration of the (drum solo… DOO DOOM .. DOO DOOM .. DOO DOOM .. DOO DOOM…  DOO DOO DOOOM…. ) song.

Kid Cracker especially enjoyed this.


16 PAX total.   Prayers for McRib who overdid it on Monday.  Prayers for Chubbs (F3 Knightdale) dealing with health issues.   Also prayers for Legs as he prepares for travel to India for work in August.   Prayers for Howard as he and his wife get ready to embark on their mission to Africa.


Get donations to New Mexico ASAP if you want to contribute to Howard’s work on mission in Africa. Howard is leaving Tuesday June 14.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead — the numbers have been awesome recently and we’re all getting better every day.  Let’s continue to EH those around us who need what F3 has to offer.  You are a testament to the impact that this fellowship can have on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  It’s a valuable thing that you shouldn’t be hesitant to share.