What an honor, two FNGs in one week. After welcoming Annie Oakley on Wednesday at IR, Vortex brought a FNG for his first post at Lame Duck. Welcome Clavin!

OK, that said, let’s get to it.

Grab a rock and circle up.

SSH x 20
GM x 20
Plank Calf Stretch Q-count
MC x 20
Windmill x 20
Prisoner Squat x 20
Imperial Walker x 20

Each Pax find a corner on the square in the circle.

First Station Bicep curl x 10, rotate for rock merkins x 10 until circuit complete (4 stations)
Repeat with Overhead Press and SSH
” Tricep Extensions and rock merkins
” rock squats and LBCs

Over to wall, people’s chair and BTW, upstairs for Dips and Irkins

Back to base stations to continue with rock theme once more around the circuit:

Bicep curl, merkins x 10
rock press, Imp Walker x 10
Tricep extensions, LBC x 10
Rock Squat, Bent over row x 10

Back to wall, repeat, up stairs, repeat

Back to rock circuit for final round:

Curls, Nippler x 10
Press, Rock hammer x 10
Tricep Extension, Homer to Marge x 10
Rock squats, LBCs (extra LBCs for good measure)



Welcome FNG Clavin, evidently Vortex has been working on him for about a year. Glad you chose LD for your first post!

The Arena today, 2:00 meet at Pullen for run over or 2:20 at healing place

Prayer requests: YHC for good friends Doug and Susan dealing with cancer, Vortex for his friend dealing with breast cancer.
YHC took us out