After a questionable forecast and Superstar’s request, YHC modified the plans for this morning from a Michigan in the field to a modified Michigan on Rangecrest.  GREAT call Superstar!  We ran a lot up and down a hill, sweated and suffered together, and there was a rainbow at the end – telling us everything was going to be okay.


SSH x 20

IW x 15

Good morning x 10

Burpees x 5


Line up for Indian Run to Rangecrest.

5 trips up and down (to the top).

Jack Webb (1 merkin to 4 overhead press) to 10.

4 trips up and down (to 80% of the hill).

3 trips up and down (to 60%).

2 trips up and down (to 40%).

1 trip up and down (to 20%).

Jack Web (1 LBC, 2 flutter kicks) to 10.

Line back up and head back.  Simple as that!


Chow dinner party coming soon for the N. Raleigh pax.  Man Camp workday coming up soon.  Also, Corn Hole night at Tinkerytoys soon.  FORUM today at noon.


Wall-E shared a praise that his daughter is doing great, headed to UNCG.  Aflac shared about an Albanian mission trip from his church.  Superstar competes in Nationals this Wednesday and Thursday.  YHC shared about my mother-in-law suffering brain cancer.