YHC was excited to see the gaining interest in F3 in my local town of Benson, NC. It has been an interested journey starting with F3 in ENC Crossbones country, decided to establish the family in Benson and being able to join some beatdowns with F3 SouthWake over the last year while the house was being built.   One thing that that has always been the same, Men pushing other Men to be better physically, mentally, and building up leaders for our communities.  A Benson local Johnny Byrd helped me out finding some old tractor tires for the launch and as we were pulling, flipping and lifting them into the truck he asked “What are you guys going to do with these?”, “Mostly what we just did just now together” I said as I was wiping sweat off my head.

Disclaimer: Listen to your body, Q’s leading workouts usually not professional, modify as needed, Everybody will finish together and full refund if not satisfied after the beat down.


Next Exercise Is:
In Cadence or OYO or on the up/down

Starting Position Move

Warm up (IC)
Squats X10
Butt kickers (modify as needed) x10
Arm Cirles (front and back) X10
Windmills x10

Merkins (modify to Irkin) and Box Jumps(modify to step up)

(Plank-a-rama for the six)

Mosey to softball feild
Partner up, 3 Rounds of 10 Partner Merkins when you meet after sprinting around the outside of the field, (push up and high five partner with alternating hands throughout), Meet back at homeplate when finished. Al Gore for the six

BearCrab Tire
3 teams
Each Team must Flip the tire from one road to the other, Bear crawl to the tire from the start, once you have flipped you have to crab walk back to start, bear crawl or eventually lunge back to tire when you can have another turn to flip. First Team there wins. (2.0 with the small tire)

Lt. Dan’s
1 Squat to 4 Lunges across the parking lot

WWI for the six, IC x15

Tire Work

Teams switch tires so they all get to experience the Big Boy, Side skip to L to the tire to flip skip back to R to starting point and continue until each team finished.

PAX Mary: WW2, Flutterkicks, American Hammer, Heels to Heaven, Ball Squeezers, Freddy Mercury, Supermans each 10-20 IC led by Farva, Winnie, Laker, and YHC.

BOM/COT: Prayers for Johnny Byrd and upcoming test for Prostate Cancer, M’s Grandpa who just lost wife to Brain Cancer now diagnoses with Prostate Cancer, Vetter’s Family member having a Biopsy, Bed Pan: Prayers for local job.

FNG’s named and discussed future workouts, Laker will have next week’s Q while YHC is out of town.

Announcements: Sasquach 7/28 with the ENC Crossbones crew, be ready for a 10 mile 4-5 station beat down with a race at the end.   Reach out to your church friends, family, co-workers, etc to see if they are interested. No man is left behind and it won’t get easier you will just get STRONGER!

YHC decided to let the Benson men determine the first site name for F3 BENSON….MAD MULE.  Sounds just crazy enough to work.   Discussed addtional Black Ops runs that will happen. Post on F3 JOCO Facebook and F3JOCO on twitter for more info and to stay connected.

Stretch (YHC) signing off, see you in the gloom!