Welcome to the Dawn Patrol backblast …Lets do this.

Jog through parking lot for warm-ups

25 – side shuffle hops

25- imperial walkers

25 – good mornings

25 – standard Merkins

20 – Fazio arm circles

Sometimes Mother Ocean is like a washing machine when your surfing and she throws you around like rag doll, but you continue to paddle out to get in The Line – Up

Jog baseball field numero dos  for the The Line -Up

PAX line up in outfield for new form of sprints, 10 burpees as a group and first man in line takes off, man to his right counts to 3 and sprints to catch him, followed by all PAX

Repeato with a 15 burpee start

Again with 10 burpee start

And again with 15 burpee start

Recover on the Jog to The Tiki Hut… no mai-tais available

15  X Hang 10s , decline merkins, standard merkins

20 X hang 10’s, decline merkins, Dips

15 X  Hang 10s , incline merkins , Dips + 10 ct French dip

Recover on the Jog to The Jetty

Every PAX picked a rock, some had to switch, switchers are now a part of Wilson’s Sorority thanks to Orwells COT induction

15 X rip curls, squat to double overheads, alt rock merkins


Paddle in from the The Jetty for Mary X 20

  • LBCS
  • Reverse LBCs
  • Duck-dives
  • Paddle ins
  • Stance

It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in. There’s no getting out” – Kelly Slater



New workouts coming your way…

Hi Fidelity -Running -Martin Middle School, 5:45 am on Wednesdays – Starts July 24th

Catalyst- Boot Camp -Carroll Middle School, 7:00 am on Saturdays – Starts Aug 3rd

Show up at North Hills Monday Yo-Yos got The Q… yeah

* Next Thursday @F3DawnPatrol special guest – World renounced anchorman Ron Burgundy will interviewing Heavy Metal icon – Slash ….  Get your tickets now – #howsthatforadayatthebeachbro