9 pax shrugged off the comfort of the fartsack and made their way out to the gloom for Devil’s Ridge.  6 pax got an early start with some pull-ups for extra credit.  Tuco showed 5 pax how to do three times as many pull-ups with ruck as the next closest pax.  Sure it was 3 vs 1, but it was impressive nonetheless.  Assisi was so humiliated that he had to ditch the rest of the pax for some track workout or something.  Anyway…onwards and upwards…

The Thang:

Arm circles forwards and back
Good mornings
Imperial walkers

Mosey on over to the law school…for a variation on the dirty mcdeuce.  All exercises (for the most part) done in multiples of twelve…

Derkins, flutter kicks, rosalitas, derkins

Run to the top of the hill and back

Irkins, hello dollys, peter parkers, parker peters

Run to top of hill and back

Curb taps, box jumps, Wojos, jump lunges

Run to bottom of hill, partner carry to top, jog to bottom, other partner carry to top, jog back

Derkins, flutter kicks, rosalitas, derkin pyramid (24, 20, 16, 12, 8, 4)

Run to bottom of hill, sprint to top, jog back down, sprint to top, jog back down

Freddy Mercurys
Russian hammers


– Great start to the week, men!
– Kotters to Wooly!
– Where was Amphibious???