From right neah da beech, boy-eee, Ma Bell returned to F3 donning new threads, corn rows, and a glazed over look that indicated he enjoyed his week in Jamaica. Just in time for an A-Team buzz saw, as the Q was fired up by the fact an offspring of one of the PAX tried to convince said Q’s daughter to pull for Syracuse on Saturday night. Said Q also failed to show up for his last Q, so he owed it to the PAX to deliver a good beatdown.

Warmup: Jog>Run>Run Faster>Plank/Six Inch Hold>SSH>GM>Arm Circles>CDDs>Freddie Mercurys

The Thang: Run>Hammers>LSF, Hill Sprints with Merkins, LBCs, Squats, Hand Release Merkins at Bottom>Jog, Dips>Derkins>Burpee Box Jumps Burpees>Dips>Wide Grip Urkins>Jog, Rock Circle with alternating Curls, Presses, Squats, Tri Extensions>Run>Run Faster>Balls to the Wall>Suicides>LBCs

Announcements: 2nd F at Ma Bells’ M Ma Bells’ House April 16. Bring your family.

Prayers for M Grease Monkey (and Grease) as she continues to her health battles.

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