23 PAX came out in the gloom at Our Lady of Lourdes on what was predicted to be a rainy, stormy morning. Fortunately Greg Fishel (among others) missed this one and we had dry conditions for an early morning romp. YHC may hold the record for the longest time between first post and VQ- never felt like I was in shape enough to lead a workout, but now realize that the physical was only a small part of the challenge.

After determining we have two FNG’s in our midst, waiver was given and we were off!

Warmup: leave Lourdes new parking lot, run around the block, circle up in parking garage. SSH x 25, Imperial Walker x 25 (mistakenly called prisoner squat by YHC due to opening night jitters- sorry y’all), merkin x 25, mountain climber x 25.

Partner up- Partner Chase to soccer field at Kiwanis park. When caught do 5 hand-release merkins. If you’re tired of IR and Beartrap, riding your bike for the running parts a la TigerBeat is not a bad idea.

Assemble for 11’s on soccer field – World War II situps on one sideline, Diamond Merkins on the other. Does anyone other than me lose count on these things? Hit fence for Peoples’s Chair (10 count down the line) then Balls to the Wall (5 count…). Lots of groaning but as Yoda pointed out the Q-nergy kept YHC out of pain. Funny how that works.

Run to Kiwanis picnic shelter and find a spot on a bench. Right/left stepup x 20, Urkins x 20, Dip x 20 then Derkins x 20. Repeat 3x.

Partner chase back towards Lourdes and stop at bridge over Crabtree Creek- Bear Crawl across, Crab Walk back.

Indian Run back to parking lot, with sprint for last 200 yards.

Circle up for some last minute LBC’s. then in honor of Turkish Bath’s request for “no burpees” everybody do ONE burpee OYO. Yes, one. April Fool!

COT/ Announcements- Shout out to Franklin and Term Paper, both from Cary- they’ve decided to visit all Raleigh sites and did not leave Late Night off their list. Hats off to you two for doing something out of the ordinary. Don’t forget unspoken prayers- I know I’ve got several, and thanks to TigerBeat for sharing his.

Peach Pit took us out with style and grace.

It is an honor to lead this group. No longer a virgin, I’m glad I stepped up to Q and look forward to doing it again. Punchlist out.