Overview of Heavy Metal: A Thursday morning F3 workout at Roanoke Park at 0600 using weights and other equipment already provided.  Station workout with a partner.  Do your best.  Pace yourself. No running required.  Done by 0645. 

Note: The Second F:      F3 Beer Drink Tonight at 730 PM at Flying Saucer.  Downtown. 

The Thang:

13 Pax.  5 2-man teams.  1 3-man team.  6 Stations. 2-minute drill & then 1 m, 15 s drill.  Rotate clockwise.  (repeato).

Station 1: Medicine Ball Heave-Ho. 

5 Burpees

Station 2: Pull Ups & Ab Wheel.

10 Burpees

Station 3: Pull Ups & KB Dead Clean Press.

5 Burpees

Station 4: Pull Ups & Paper Mache KB Swings.

5 Burpees

Station 5: Escobar Brothers Push Press. 

5 Burpees

Station 6: Flip the Junk.  Jump Through.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat. 

5 Burpees


The Moleskin:

Charlotte Men:  We need you on 9/29 at 0545.  Lash your Mule to the actual Bell Tower. 

*          Tclaps to SlumLord for paying the butcher’s bill and posting after a late flight back to town.  #Kotter.

*          Interestingly enough, Door to Door, a well-qualified seller of insurance, detonated the actuarial table for his own life expectancy by driving the wrong way on a one-way street.  #strongentrance. 

*          A long play on recruiting paid off this morning when FNG Flak emerged in the gloom.  We flatlined on names.  

*         Pax went after it today; mixed in some recreational burpees to keep us all honest.  No guy from Ernst&Young showed up with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, but your humble Q counts a total of circa 65 burpees amongst the other antics this morning.  #seemedlikeagoodideaatthetime

*         The Wendell Gee tour de force continues.  Roughly 1.45 Miles between Fort Wendell & Roanoke Park.  Wendell Gee hoofed it there and back, with Heavy Metal sandwiched in betwixt.  Given time constraints, he ran away from the workout like all of Roanoke Park was about to explode.  #strong. 

*         Special subcommittee being formed to assist Chong Li in remembering the particular cover bio he uses for Heavy Metal (“I’m….Chong Li…I’m in the business of landscap—wait, import/expor…It’s distribution. I’m in distribution.  Regional stuff…you know”).  #caseofficer