Overview of Fletcher Workout:  Boot camp style workout.  615 AM.  45 Minutes.  F3 Meat and Potatoes of Calisthenics with some sort of Dealer’s Choice of Running, Hill Climbs and Antics mixed in.  Done by 700 AM.

The Thang:

Warm Up: 1/3 mile fellowship run up Claudell Washington Street back to Stone Circle.  30 SSH. 15 Mountain Climbers.  Fazio Circles forth and back.  Single leg swings (alternating). 

Pusharama with Side of Horselegs: Standard merkins, wide, finger tip, staggers, Carolina Dry Docks, standard, low plank hold, single leg deadlift (alternating), stationary backward lunges (alternating)

Stone Benches: Squat Hold Jump with 5 and 10 count holds X a lot  (a crowd pleaser); calf raises X 30; alternating left/right step up

Mary:  Six Inch Hold X 15, Dollies, Russian Twists Hammers, Rosalitas, AOCs, Freddy Mercuries (hold’em in the transition all the way through with a 10-count stretch break).  Low plank hold to Cobra Kai it. 

Growler:  A modified Dog Leg to the Left as follows: run from pavilion and stonehenge grill up to first stone bench, 3 jump ups, 10 merkins, run to second stone bench, 3 jump ups, 10 merkins, run round lamp pole back to stonehenge grill.  (4 Repetitions).  Pax Planks on last rep to await rest of team (mid plank hold was a crowd pleaser).

COT in Stonehenge Grill.   

The Moleskin:

  • 3 FNGs today.  Maize reeled in Minnie (he’s from Salvo, Buxton, Waves or….Orlando, one of those).  Chong Li brought in Johnny Utah from the beach.  Waylon Smithers showed up as a walk-up customer based on his blood brother’s success with F3 Charlotte.  Blood brother’s F3 name not known.  #youractualnameisMoneyHose?????
  • We’ve recovered Ben Johnson from the Blue Ridge Relays.  Reported in full on the F3 presence.  Through special arrangement with the IOC and the Buncombe County Commission of all places, they’ll hold his medal for 10 days to allow his tests to clear #fingerscrossed.  By all accounts, the BRR is the most legitimate reason for sleeping in a van down by the river since Matt Foley inspired wayward suburbanite teens in the mid 90s. 
  • Johnny Utah actually surfs.  White Shoe–tireless in his commitment to F3–agreed to assume the role of Gary Busey.  Since this morning, he’s put on 30 lbs of pure chili dog and has been swimming blindfolded four times.  #Utahgimmetwo….
  • Men of Charlotte:  You are needed in Raleigh at 545 Am on Saturday, September 29.  Saddle up the Mule.  Complimentary vinyl of “Floppy Disk Sounds of the Workout, Vol. IX”  to the Number 9 caller…#ninjaquiet
  • F3 authorized Beer Drink tomorrow night. Flying Saucer.  730 PM. 

That is all.