With little notice, the Raleigh crew got together and organized a first ever Tuesday workout.  This one time workout was a 110 floor climb, the number of floors in each of the towers.  While this was loosely organized we ended up in two separate groups and climbed two different stairwells 1 block away from each other.

One half climbed a 7 floor parking garage 16 times (112 floors in 34 minutes) and the other group climbed a 9 floor parking garage 13 times (110 floors in 31 minutes- the first 4 times up we stopped at floor 7 as the homeless guy was sleeping and filling up the entire landing of floor 7.5).  While the climbing was tough, we had plenty of time for fellowship on the way down.  Discussing what we were doing 11 years ago.

A few of us brought additional weights ranging from 5-25 pounds.

God bless all who were affected 11 years ago, we will always remember.