The warmup:
run along the railroad track for about .75 miles, end at pain island:
SSH x15
Merkins x15
Imperial Walker x15
Merkins x15
Decline Merkins w/partner 2×10
3 pullups on the way out

Across from Pain island is a mulch island, here we did the burpee circle (18 burpees)

Next we ran to Jacob’s ladder, partnered up and each man did 6 runs w 1 burpee at the top (total of 6 burpees).  Lots of planking at the bottom while waiting for partner and ending the exercise.

Finish running around the lake, then head up to the upper fields to find the valley for “The King’s Table”.  Each group of PAX got a picnic table and we did:
dips x15
60 yard carry
Decline Merkins x11, dips x24, incline merkins x12
120 yard carry
Russian hammers x12, froggies x12, air squats x12, ass to grass squats x12
120 yard carry to put the tables back in the original home

Run down to the playground for Mary w/no legs down:
flutter x15
hello dolly x15
high slow flutter x15
lbc x15
russian hammers x15
freddy mercury x15


tclaps to Big Sproles for his comeback workout
tclaps to Maize and Fazio for inviting new friends this week

tclaps to Wonk for posting 6 workouts in a row, a new Raleigh record
The PAX was quiet and threats of changing to a F4 workout brought out some FEBA
Mary was full of energy, and the PAX pushed hard.

2 weeks until the Mule.