15 PAX appeared in the gloom of the Martin MS parking lot for their weekly dose of speed.  5 decided to invest in some Extra Credit by running to and from the workout, with Sunshine trying to get Karma points by going “low carbon” riding his bike to the site.

On to the workout –

1/2 mi warm-up jog with high knees, butt-kickers, karoke, and two strides.

Circle of Dynamic stretching – Good Mornings, Imperial Walkers, Windmills

We have moved into a Tempo phase of the #HiFidelity calendar.  The past two weeks have seen various flavors of a 2-mile run.  This week, we ran 5 x 1km “Cruise Intervals” with 2 min rest at Threshold Pace.  T-pace is about a 1:00/mile slower than Mile Race Pace and is designed to be at the Threshold of lactic acid build-up in the legs – pushing the effort where your engines switches from Aerobic to Anaerobic work.  YHC is supposed to enforce pace discipline for this workout, and keep us in the right spot.  However, I let testosterone get the best of me and kept chasing down Myrtle – ending up 30 sec/mile faster than I should have been going.  And, I think many others followed suit.  My bad – we need to do a better job to reduce the risk of injury.  Remember, we are training different engines in the body.  Every workout has a purpose.  Stay to the plan.

The one additional change that we made this week – kilometers 4 and 5 were run clockwise… against the grain, to balance the rotation.  I, for one, felt odd the entire time running this direction, but it worked.

Good Job by all.

Stretching – The Denali calf stretch, Downward Dog, Standing quads, Hamstrings

COT, Prayers, and departure.