24 brave PAX showed up early this morning to wet roads and slippery tennis courts.

Warm up

SSH x 20

Good mornings x15

Imperial walkers x 15

Prisoner squats x15

Mountain climbers x 15


The Thang

Partner Chase from lower eastgate entrance to Milbrook

Standard merkins x 10 once your partner catches you

LBCs x 20, monkey humpers x 20, dieing cockroaches x 20

Partner derkins x 15 and handclap merkins x 15


Indian run back to the park (top entrance)


Plank hold 20 count followed by Plankjacks x10

Chilcut hold 20 count followed by chilcut jacks x10

Low plank hold  20 count followed by low plank jacks x 10


Jog to pathway with wall

11’s (box jumps and irkins)


On the tennis court

Partner 1 runs across court 3x while partner 2 does amwrap WW2s

Rinse repeat with wall sits and burpees (2x across court on burpees)



LBCs x 35

Low slow flutter (hands behind your head) x 25

American hammer x 15



Haven House workout this Tuesday

Pray for Spin Class and his family (his brother Graham drowned this past weekend).

Thanks to Macgruber for taking us out in a word of prayer.