Shooter and I split the Fetzer duties this morning as he led a crew crushing some heavy metal, and the others followed suit on a campus tour.

Warm Up:  Lap around Fetzer.  SSH X20IC, 5 Burpees OYO, 10 WMH, 10 Merkins IC.

Campus Tour

Run past Hooker fields and the the quad for a little campus tour.  Stop at the Bookstore for our first Excercise…but first number off 1 and 2’s.
1 and 2’s plank facing eachother in a wide line for Merkins.  1’s do 10 Merkins then Plank.  2’s pick up the Merkins at 11 to 20 then Plank.  Take it up to 100 Merkins.
Run to Wilson LIbrary and get close to some Wall for Box Jump Pyramids.  Box jump up to 8 and then descend back to 1.(72 Box Jumps)
Run to the Old Well and PAX Circle up around the Well.  Pyramid LBC’s except on the up hold your position for a 5 count.  Up to 8 and back down.  (credit Ma Bell). (72 LBC’s with 72 5 count holds at the top)
Run to the Quad and 1’s grab some stairs for Derkins and 2’s Squat.  2’s call 20 Squats while 1’s do 20 Derkins and Switch.  Rinse and Repeat 15 reps instead of 20.
Run to the cafeteria for alternating sets of Balls to Wall and Dips X2 at 20.
Mosey to the Blvd of Broken Dreams.  Bear Crawl the length and at alternating columns 5 merkins.
AYG back to Fetzer for the end of Mary.
Heavy Metal
We did Circle of Pain:
25# rows
20# bicep curls
15# shoulder presses
25# Kettlebell swings
30 seconds work, 15 seconds transition with 30 seconds bow-to-toes planks and LBCs after each round.
After three rounds, mixed it up with wide grip merkins, KB goblet squats, 25# overhead tricep extensions, #15 side raises, burpees and curls for two more rounds.
Round robin Mary for seven minutes Russian Hammers, LBCs, Long Slow Flutters, Planks, 25 WWs.