Today was another installment of F3 Hi-Fidelity speedwork.  Last week we did 11x400m at R pace (R = race pace, or mile pace).  This week was similar as we finish off our core speedwork of the spring and we did 10x600m at R pace.  Notice that we did 6K vs 4K this week- in fact we filled up the full hour without much time for mumble chatter.

Today we had a great mix of paces and skills.  With so many weeks of people running the same pace, it is really nice to see new faces and see men pushing hard and hitting limits.

As a note for future Q’s, we take the track for granted and that we are not more that 200m behind- lets strive to make workouts that have a mid point where folks can jump in or take option B which is tough, yet doable and still part of the workout.

Welcome FNG – Mac N Cheese (a Kool-Aid recruit), I expect to see him posting at bootcamps as he finds the right schedule.