‘Friendship is a sheltering tree.’  -ST Coleridge

The nice thing about doing things that suck, is that you stop worrying about other things that suck, because you can’t worry about much when you’re running up and down hills at 6 AM, except your next step.  With that thought in mind, YHC set out for Drewery Hills.  Not a lot of air left for mumblechatter in the rain today.

Warmup COP

SSH, IW, GM, Merkin, MC, WM

Mosey on up to corner of Drewery and Milton for dogleg left set with escalating sets of spidey merkins and burpees going from 6 to 10, hitting the SMs on the way up and the way down.

Mosey up to top of Coleridge for the Double-U, running the length of Coleridge from Six Forks to Six Forks and doing 20 Merkins-Squats-LBCs at the end of each U.  CnD leading the way on both sets, but Wendell pushing hard up there too.

Mosey back to start for Mary.


-Keep in mind a pax member mentioned by Mr. Furley who lost his brother last weekend.

-Honor and a pleasure to lead.