YHC was reminded Monday that he was on schedule to Q FZ this week.  YHC usually sets Q reminders in his own calendar at 18 hours, so this turned out to be too early of a notification, too much time to think.  As many know, YHC does best with no plan, maybe a few rough ideas, but all just possibilities, and with a short window of notification, this works well.  And though YHC has led this site previously, never has he taken the helm of FZ.  First priority was taken care of Wednesday at UJ, knowing the FZ Q was responsible for EC, YHC tapped a FZ EC faithful Sir Zima himself, to Q EC for the morning, YHC was sure sleep would prevent his arrival for EC, this turned out to be a bad assumption.  Maybe the weather, maybe the BBQ from last night’s dinner, or possibly just the anticipation of a VQ for FZ, YHC saw 3:25am creep slowly to to 4:45 when he finally departed the FS to begin the routine of making his way to the AO.  Upon arrival, SZ made YHC aware of his intention to proceed as planned, YHC fell in line with the EC pax to make 7 and began to follow the Q, here we go!

The Thang:

Follow SZ to the lot between the PD & B&N, circle up for a short round of warm-ups then off to work it was.  Grab a partner, each partner goes opposite direction to a PD stairwell, bunny hop up, 10 Burpees at the top, run towards the other stairs, when you meet your partner in the middle, one Chillcut’s while the other does Dericans feet on the others back, then flapjack with dericans again at the starting point, 2.5 laps, Cinderella found us as we began the work. head back to starting point with a bear crawl down stairs.  YHC was “sweeping” for the run back.

Knowing that a break in YHS’s stride would hold things up, as the EC crew approached the pax gathered for the main event, YHC gave a call to check for fng’s, with none, no disclaimer was given, no stop was made, and we were off.

Jog around the opposite end of the mall for warm-ups; Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x 10 e/w, Imperial Walkers x 20, SSH x 20, and a few more. Count off & remember if you’re odd or even.  Continue the jog around to the front of Sears, YHC noticed some lawn tractors first, then a large drive-thru area with what instantly looked like a nice track to run.  The work would go like this, odds stay for max AMRAP of an exercise while evens run, Mericans, Ski Abs, WWII’s, Prisoner Squats, BTW, Peoples Chair, & a few more that YHC forgot.

R&R towards front of mall, up PD stairwell to top, continue to stretch between Belk’s restaurants.  From middle odds one way evens the other, 10 x Burpees on one side, 20 x LBC’s in the middle, 20 x Mericans on the other and back for 20 x LBC’s, plank hold till pax done.

Quick jog to top of stairs & escalator find a partner & almost imitate the EC work from earlier with a little different rout & no dericans at the bottom, 3 loops.

R&R back towards the starting point for Mary on the top deck. YHC in his sleep deprived state thought the Dirty Bird, or as Au Pair may call it “I’m not that strong of a swimmer” would be a great way to finish things out.  DB x 20, Mericans x 10, DB x 15, Freddie Merc’s x 15, Done!

Announcements: The Healing Place golf fund raiser June 15 at North Ridge, The Arena will be sponsoring a hole, and individual entry fee is $100.  Great opportunity to support THP!

Cinderella took us out in prayer.

The Skin:  Enjoyed Qing a site I have never before, as creatures of habit there seems to be pax that you only see a certain sites.  YHC seemed to be “sweeping” all morning, hope everyone got a good beat down.  T-claps to Butcher, posting 5 to 6 days per week & never cutting even the slightest corner, Aye!  Thanks to Zima for the EC Q, one of those you can always count on to push all the way to the end.  YHC reminded the pax of Romans 5:8 that God demonstrated His love for us that while we were dead in our sin, He sent His Son to die for us, words can not convey how good that makes me feel.  YHC is beginning to see all the different types of Rucks emerging from vehicles post post, time to clean out the old hunting sac & see if it will do.  As always, great to lead, looking forward to seeing you in the gloom & beyond again soon.

CW out!