In light of the fact that about half the group was FartSacking after a long night at the Zac Brown concert and the other half were saving their energy and preserving their physical condition ahead of a Ninja run this weekend, there was an abnormally small group of PAX posting in the Gloom for YHC’s VQ at Cletus. Nevertheless, small can be mighty… and just as the 300 didn’t back down from Xerxes, the PAX that did show were ready to rock and roll.

The Warm-Up:

¼ mi. run from the upper lot to the lower parking lot to circle up and start out with 20xSSH, 20xIW, 20xFazio arm circles (10xFwd, 10xRev), 20xPrisoner Squats.

The Thang:

Introduced a new twist on POAS using a Pyramid. Initially referred to as Pyramid on a String.. but in retrospect, YHC should have called this Egyptian POAS. #betterlucknextime Featured exercise for the pyramid was the Deconstructed Burpee. The DB is made up of each element of a burpee, but done individually. Prisoner Squat, Leg Thrust, Merkin and another Leg Squat in that order. Starting from one end of the lower lot, we started with 8x of each – so, 8x Prisoners, 8x leg thrusts, 8x merkins, & another set of 8x leg thrusts. Then run down to the other end of the lot to do 7x of each, etc. Continue the progression through 1x of each to finish.

Next, we ran over to the outdoor stage for a double round of the following sequence: 20x People’s chair on a 4 count cadence, 20x Ukrainian hammers, 20x BTTW, 20x WWII. Rinse & repeat.

Ran back up the track to the tennis courts for some Suicidal Bears & Crabs. Starting from one sideline of the double tennis courts, bear crawl to opposite sideline of first court, return to starting line in a crab walk. Next bear crawl goes to the sideline of the next court over, return in a bear crawl. Final round bear crawl to farthest sideline and return home as a crab.

Before we headed to Mary, we snuck in Fives on Derkins, Dips and Irkins at the picnic shelter. (5x of each, 4x of each, etc.)


YHC found some freshly cut, wet grass for Mary and lead the PAX in 20x LBC, 20x Freddie Mercury, 15x Hello, Dolly, 20x Rosalita. Then turned it over for people’s choice on two final Mary exercises: 20x windshield wipers (Howard’s choice) and a 20 count Chillcut plank (Lipton’s favorite)


Namorama sure didn’t take much time for obvious reasons.

F1: Ninja run this week – have several guys in the run at Drake’s Landing

F2: nothing planned at this time.

F3: Continue to keep previous concerns in mind (colleagues and family members dealing with disease or illness); Prayers for Howard and his wife on some upcoming big decisions. Prayers for Lipton’s neighbor.

Naked Moleskin:

It was a great to knock out the VQ with these two PAX. YHC appreciates the support and guidance of Howard in the process. Even though he wasn’t there, shout out to Peak Weak for the original introduction to F3 as well as the encouragement & inclusion from everyone in the few weeks that I’ve been involved.