11 dedicated PAX worked hard in the gloom at the Most Interesting Park in the World to earn their Margaritas, Chips and Queso…and maybe a Dos Equis or two.

The Thang:

Jog to the parking lot by the Tennis Courts for warmup:

SSH x 25, GM x 10, MC x 20, Sir Fazio x 10, Reverse x 10, High Knees x 15

Beat the Yogis to the Picnic Shelter for:

Jump Ups x 15 OYO, Irkins x 10, Dips x 10, Alternating Step Ups x 15, Derkins x 10, Repeato

Yog to the Tennis Courts (because Denali says I am afraid of the Yoga Mats and the corresponding carriers of said mats) for Suicides:

Evens sprint forward, then return backwards.  Odds BTTW.  Flap Jack. Evens defensive slide, Odds People’s Chair, Flap Jack. Evens Karaoke, Odds Prisoner Squats, Flap Jack. Evens sprint, Odds BTTW.  Flap Jack.

Jog down Sisyphus and over to the rock pile and pick up a rock for:

Curl x 10, Shoulder Press x 10, Hang w Rock, Inverted Row x 10, Repeato.

Ditch the rock and run up Sisyphus, plank at the top.

Evens Bear Crawl to the end of the Parking Lot and Sprint Back.  Odds Max Merkins. Flap Jack.

Jog back to the big parking lot for 5 minutes of Mary:

LBC x 30, WWII x 10, Crimean Hammers x 15, FM x 15, Six Inch Leg Hold seven count around the circle.  Done.


Crafty Beer Second F this Thursday (5/8) from 5:30 til ?

F3 Dads on 5/31 at Fletcher Park at 9:15ish.

Sign up for Komen on 6/14, raise some money and run with your brothers for a good cause.

Prayers for Crikey’s Dad

Prayers of thanks that none of the ruckers were injured and got through safely.

YHC read a simple verse that drives home the meaning of Fellowship and how we help each other in his name, whether it be at a workout, in a conversation, at an event, or just through the course of our daily lives.

1 Thessalonians 5:11  Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

Deliverance led us out with a strong prayer.

Solid work again by the PAX.  YHC is honored to have the opportunity to lead.